Maria Bjornson

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I am studying set design, props and costume at university in England. This website is an amazing insight into Maria's many talents. Now I have seen her work in more depth I am glad to have such a talented woman to inspire me. Many thanks for setting up the site, it is a privilege to use it.
Pam Tasker, UK

As a theater designer myself, whose mentor was the great Charles Elson, formerly of the Metropolitan Opera, I recognized the quality of design talent this woman had. To equal it you would have to go back to Diaghilev who sponsored many of the great designers of the Russian ballet. I am deeply sorry she died so young. I am approaching 80 and still designing. RIP, Maria. You were great.
Paulina, USA

Maria was such an inspiration to so many people. Her memory will live on with the beautiful work she left behind.
Devon Anderton

This is a really great website and I have found out a lot of information on Marias life.

Maria Bjornson’s work is a true inspiration to me.

All best,
Anka Lupes

Great to see that Maria now has her own site. She inspired me in my choice of career.  Thanks very much, really enjoyed the archive images.

Just to congratulate whoever put this site together... So glad to have met Maria’s work and energy through you.
Thank you
Robert de Bosmelet

 The site is wonderful, I wish I could have met Maria, we have a lot in common.
Thank you.

Lisa Verlo

 Big Bjørnson fan, and very happy for this site
Best regards,

 I’ve just found this site. I performed as a young child in a production of Hansel and Gretel designed by Maria. It was one of the best times in my life. My heart and thanks go out to Maria and her loved ones. 
Andrew Moir

 Such an inspiration.
Anthony Lewis Churchill

To whoever created this website or who runs the Bjornson archive,
thank you so much for such a wonderful site. I became a stage designer because I saw Maria's work when I was younger and went to St Martins where I was taught by her. I miss her and her work very much…..this site is wonderful.
thank you,
Ben Stones

….Maria set the standards and the basis for my career which is now flourishing.
Howard Lloyd

What a lovely site…
Matt Wevill

I am extremely happy to see that a site has been put up in Ms. Bjornson's honor. I have been a fan of Ms. Bjornson's designs - particularly for Phantom since the late 90's….I greatly respect Ms. Bjornson and The Maria Bjornson Archive.
Thank you very much. 
John Isen

"Just to let you know that this web archive is a very valuable resource to my students studying for a degree in Performance Design.
Although I never met Maria I did by chance find her Filofax left on a seat on a Central line train in 1983 complete with her forthcoming RSC production schedules and of course all of her contacts. Having seen a number of her productions and with a passion for the theatre, I knew who she was and how important this was!"
Scott Palmer, University of Leeds

"As a set design student, Maria has been always for me such an ispiration. Her work is of such a high level... I have seen on stage both Little Vixen and Phantom (as well as some other opera productions on dvd) and I truthly admire her... "
Rafael Rodriguez Villalobos

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